Catching up with 1Degree

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Originally published 12/15/2017


Advisors Go Prospecting On Social Media

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Originally published 08/24/2017

An individual or firm having influence over potential buyers, an influencer targets activities around their market of potential buyers—fans in the case of celebrities or followers on social media and messaging apps in the case of financial advisors. Some 79 percent of financial advisors are acquiring new clients through social media, compared to 66 percent in 2014, with the average annual asset gain from these clients being $4.6 million, according to a 2015 study by Putnam Investments.



Why you? What makes you qualified to start this business?

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Originally published 08/17/2017

I frequently get asked some variation of the question “Why You?” In other words, what is it that makes me qualified to start this business? Investors ask this question because they think that the more experience the entrepreneur has in the subject area, the higher the chance of success. But, no one should ask this question, because when you look more closely, it makes no sense.



Seven Minutes of Hell and the Last Mile Phenomenon

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Originally published 08/17/2017

In the tech world, the “last mile phenomenon” – a phrase derived from the telecom industry where the last mile was the final leg of the connection to each home – refers to the disproportionate time and effort needed to solve the final piece of the puzzle, which is also usually the most important. Last March, as my business school classmates were headed off to various exotic locations for some R&R, I was headed to LA to work side by side with our CTO and try to solve 1Degree’s last mile problem.



Creating Personas For A New Feature

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Originally published 07/31/2017

Personas are fictional characters that embody the demographics, attitudes, values and behaviors of target customers. They are used to help understand the needs and behaviors of specific customer segments. Generally, personas can help humanize the target audience, focus product development, and improve marketing effectiveness. As 1Degree was developing its new On Demand feature, the team needed to understand how different customer segments would interact with both the existing product and the new feature sets.



Why These 2017 Grads Are Becoming Entrepreneurs – Not Employees

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Originally published 05/17/2017

Early lessons also helped fuel the drive of two other members of the Class of 2017. Max Huc and Sam Boochever also are skipping the job search because they started their business while they were still in school. The duo launched 1Degree, an app that auctions connections between fans and their favorite influencers or celebrities, with some of the proceeds going to a good cause.



Big Month for Darden Students’ Startup 1Degree

As featured on The Darden Report
Originally published 04/21/2017

It’s been quite a run for Second Years Sam Boochever and Max Huc and their startup, 1Degree, which they founded as students at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business with support from the W.L. Lyons Brown III i.Lab Incubator program. The 1Degree app allows users to bid on opportunities to speak to celebrity influencers face-to-face via Facetime.



Student Start-up Shrinks Degrees of Separation Between Celebrities and Fans

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Originally published 04/20/2017

On what started as a quiet day of classes in 2016, the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business hosted a rare collision of worlds – a meeting of MBA students and ABC’s “The Bachelorette.” The surprise discussion between “Bachelorette” runner-up contestant Robby Hayes and student fans of the show was made possible by 1Degree, a new social media app founded by second-year Darden MBA candidates Maximillian Huc and Sam Boochever.



Roommates Create App for FaceTiming With Celebrities

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Originally published 04/19/2017


Darden Startup 1Degree Wins 2017 Tom Tom Pitch Night

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Originally published 04/10/2017

Sam Boochever and Maximilian Huc, students at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business, won the festival’s Crowd-Funded Pitch Night, taking home the top prize with their pitch for 1Degree, a mobile app that enables users to have one-on-one conversations with celebrities and public figures.



UVA Darden, iLab Start Ups Make Their Pitch at South by Soutwest

As featured on The Darden Report
Originally published 03/29/2017

To provide a true inside look at the conference, 1Degree founders Sam Boochever (Class of 2017) and Max Huc (Class of 2017) wrote about their impressions of the experience in Texas and the work that went into making it a success. Max: “It was the second day of SXSW and my body hurt. I had lost 12 pounds over the previous 48 hours fighting food poisoning, but none of the hundreds of people that had stopped by our booth over the past two days had any idea. Even though I felt absolutely terrible, I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity to showcase 1Degree.”



UVA Darden, iLab Start Ups Make Their Pitch at South by Soutwest

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Originally published 03/16/2017

1Degree app is catching on. At South By Southwest the team was able to meet several artists, musicians, stars and business influencers and entice them to join the platform. The range of celebrities and influencers includes actors/actresses, models, business CEOs, professional sports stars from the NBA, MLB, NHL and professional soccer. Also, 1Degree app is available in other countries and has attracted influencers and celebrities outside of the United States.


What’s Life Like as a Darden MBA and Entrepreneur? [Episode 194]

As featured on The Admissions Straight Talk Podcast
Originally published 02/22/2017

Our guests today are both 2nd year MBA students at Darden who founded their start-up at the beginning of their MBA program.



The Pros and Cons of Starting a Business in Business School

As featured on Forbes; written by the founders of 1Degree
Originally published 11/10/2016

In March 2016, John Mackey, the co-CEO of Whole Foods Market, came to speak to one of our classes at UVA’s Darden School of Business. He asked how many students want to be an entrepreneur and two-thirds of the class, roughly 50 students, raised their hands. When he then asked how many students are currently working on a business, only two hands remained raised. Having spent our first year at Darden launching our business, 1Degree, it is clear to us now why so many people put their hands down.



i.Lab Startups in Focus: 1Degree and 1787fp

As featured on The Darden Report
Originally published 08/29/2016

University of Virginia Darden School of Business students Max Huc (Class of 2017) and Sam Boochever (Class of 2017) had an idea that seemed can’t miss: an app that would combine consumer interest in celebrity culture with live video chatting — all with a philanthropic focus. They just needed time to work on it. The pair sacrificed social lives and networking opportunities to devise their 1Degree app during the famously intense first year at Darden, and were counting on summer to help fully flesh out their vision, even if that meant foregoing the traditional internship that most students parlay into the first job of their post-Darden careers.



1Degree’s Summer of Synergy

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Originally published 08/9/2016

Of all the miracles technology has made quotidian in the past century, the video chat remains among the life-changing and incredible. I can remember seeing the concept for the first time in the movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century and thinking it was impossibly cool—which, to a 1999 audience, it was. Little did we know it wouldn’t take ten years for video chatting to become a part of everyday life. There are, of course, still new applications being developed for the technology—and one of them comes straight from 1Degree. Less than a year ago, Darden students Sam Boochever and Max Huc had an idea: what if it was possible to connect people with their favorite influencers via live video chat?



The 1Degree Journey: An Entrepreneurial Roller Coaster

As featured on Medium; written by the founders of 1Degree.
Originally published 08/8/2016

Like most nights as new roommates at the University Virginia Darden School of Business, we were kicking back in our apartment, talking about potential business ideas in an effort to follow our passion for entrepreneurship and avoid joining the corporate rat race. As we discussed a wide array of problems and issues hindering our society, we stumbled upon a startling headline about a woman who paid $2,000 to take a selfie with rapper Meek Mill. It immediately dawned on us that people would go to great lengths to access and connect with their favorite Influencers (i.e., celebrities, athletes, musicians, and other public figures).