Instantly connect with amazing people from around the world!

Create a live auction and watch your followers bid against one another to FaceTime with you or set your availability and sit back, relax and review FaceTime offers from your followers. And Voila, you’re instantly chatting face-to-face with one of your fans from around the world!


How It Works

Instantly FaceTime with amazing people from around the world.

Receive offers whenever you are available to chat.

Make real money by FaceTiming with your fans.

Keep or easily donate your proceeds to your favorite causes.

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What People Are Saying

“When I was done I was absolutely on a high – like, holy s*** I just actually FaceTimed with this guy. This is freaking awesome.”

– Mat, VA –

“It all happened so quickly…I won the auction and next thing I knew we were live!”

– Rachel, CA –

“I’m sitting in a coffee shop in LA FaceTiming with a Swiss Olympic skier and I completely forgot we were 10,000 miles away.”

– William, NY –